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A future in Naval Engineering – George Howard

Last year I completed Year 12. Along the way I attended over 4,500 classes, and completed 30 subjects. That is a lot of classes; however one class stood out for me above all the rest – Mr. Herman’s Naval Engineering course. Unlike almost every other subject, you’re working together as a class to create something incredible, in my case a replica model of the Australian Submarine Corporation’s (ASC) Naval Air Warfare Destroyer. The subject covered all of the processes to make a real ship, just on a small scale. The class challenged me and taught me many new skills relevant to the subject. Another incredible part of the class was Mr. Herman himself. The energy and passion that he brought to the class was one of the things that truly inspired me to choose this path for my future. However, for a while I thought I wasn’t going to make it. This was because I had an ATAR that was below the required entrance score. Even though this was the case I was still accepted into the course with the addition of bonus points and through the Flinders Uni STAT Test. Now that I am enrolled in a Bachelor of Engineering (Naval Architecture) at Flinders University, after two years it will take me to The Australian Maritime College in Tasmania and after that potentially anywhere in the WORLD! I honestly cannot wait for what the future holds for me, and it all stemmed from Mr. Herman’s Naval Engineering course.

Some very positive news from a recent graduate regarding one of the many Maritime/STEM courses we run at Le Fevre High School. Congratulations to both George and Thierry Herman for their fantastic work. Regards Liam Narcys Maritime Leader


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