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About our Principal

Rob ShepherdGreetings to you all,

My name is Rob Shepherd and I am very proud to be the Principal of Le Fevre High School. I have been a teacher in South Australia for over 30 years ranging from country locations such as Orroroo in the Flinders Ranges and Lameroo in the Murray Mallee to metropolitan schools such as Dover High, Seaview High School and Woodville High School.

I have also had considerable experience in international education. I have been involved in student exchange programs and the delivery of intensive English and cultural education programs in Zimbabwe, Vanuatu, Japan and Korea. My work in Korea spanned 8 years and a highlight of working there includes delivering Australian Studies short courses in English language to groups of 90 students at a time in regular sized classrooms with three students sharing a chair so they could experience an opportunity to receive English medium instruction! I am also a member of the Council of International Schools program and have been a member of panels to accredit schools for membership of the Council of International Schools.

In 2008 I visited the World School in New Delhi to study their International Baccalaureate programs and in 2009 I visited an International Language school near Shanghai, China to work with students there on their International Baccalaureate personal projects. I visited our Sister School, Sekolah Pilar Indonesia, in Jakarta, Indonesia to work with the staff on International Baccalaureate professional learning programs and to meet the students of the school in their home school on several occasions.

In 2012 The Minister of Education and an entourage of senior Ministers from Lao PDR visited Le Fevre and in early 2013 I reciprocated with a visit to Lao to discuss educational opportunities between Le Fevre and the Laotian Government. Our school has now formed a relationship with the Luang Prabang Orphanage School which I visit bi-annually. In July 2013 I visited Mongolia to establish a memorandum of understanding with the UNESCO School #45 in Ulaan Bator. This is a first for an Australian school to have a relationship with Mongolia. The Australian Government has recently established a Consulate there and Australia is heavily involved in the economy of Mongolia.

Other recent international experiences focus on charity work in various locations in India. I jointly established an organisation with my wife, known as the Dare2 Dream Foundation that directly supports the Indian centre for Integrated Development which manages a home for destitute boys, kindergartens and youth work programs in Nagpur, We currently visit India at least once a year support the projects there.

I have had extensive experience in Senior Secondary assessment activities and have spent over 20 years working in various capacities for the SACE Board of South Australia. I am passionate about curriculum and approaches to teaching and learning and believe strongly in the ongoing professional development of educators in classroom based approaches to learning that allow students to achieve their best.

Similarly I appreciate the strong importance of the teacher student relationship in supporting learners and encourage authentic pastoral care programs in support of both student and teacher well being.

I believe that the partnership between the student, the teacher and the parent is fundamental to successful learning and the flourishing development of young people. At Le Fevre we encourage this partnership in many ways, such as, through our pastoral care arrangements, the contact between staff and parents and the involvement of students in round table discussions about their learning and social development.

I was very proud to lead the celebration of the school’s Centenary in September 2010. It was a wonderful occasion to reflect upon the many achievements of the school community and focus on innovative directions for the future development of what is a very proud school community. We have an active old scholar’s network and this group has seized the opportunity provided by the centenary celebrations to gather and extend their networks and contribution to the school.

As Principal of Le Fevre High School, I will always endeavour to uphold the proud traditions of the school as well as to provide opportunities for current students to experience every possible advantage as we support them in their educational and personal journey with us. You are most welcome to contact me through the web page contact icon or at


Kindest Regards


Rob Shepherd


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      April 3 - April 5
    2. Year 8 HPV Vaccination

      April 11
    3. Year 10/11 Meningococcal Vaccination

      April 11