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Le Fevre High School Staff Term 4 2018



Principal Rob Shepherd


Assistant Principal Troy Barker
Assistant Principal Craig Bailey
Assistant Principal Dylan Muzyka
Senior Leader Literacy Development Rachel McLaine
Senior Leader IBMYP Languages Sarah Craddock
Numeracy Coach Nick Kyriazis
Maritime Leader Liam Narcys
Business Manager Leanne Hembrow


Career Pathway Manager Natalie Lynch
SACE Achievement Officer WASSN Vacant


Curriculum Coordinators

ICT Troy Barker
English Humanities Rachel McLaine
Sciences/Maths Alastair Lupton
Arts Shona Mishra
Technologies Eddie Grzeskowiak
LOTE Sarah Craddock
SAASTA Damien Coulthard
SACE Yanny Kwok
Special Ed and Counselling Mick Ridge
VET/FLO Andrea West
HPE Ben Jones


Year Level Coordinators

Year 8/Transition Ty Duerden and Kylie Hill (Liam Narcys, Transition)
Year 9 Ben Earle and Jovana Petrov
Year 10 Gabi Hirsch-Brown
Year 11 Ben Jones
Year 12 Liam Narcys


School Support Staff

Reception Kayla Glancey
Reception Simone Woite
Finance Officer Jennifer Bagshaw
Student Services Nicole Roach
Grounds/Maintenance Stuart Johnson
Lab Assistant Peter Jamieson
Aboriginal ASETO Tony Wilson
Aboriginal ASETO Chelsea Potter
Digital Systems Manager Mahim Vishwakarma
IT Support Officer Sonny Soum
Special Education Jodie Webb
Special Education Jackie Kelsh
Special Education Craig Dienelt
Special Education Anusha Niroula
Christian Pastoral Support Worker Anita Jeffery
WASSN SSO Terry Hortop



Name Curriculum Areas Care Group
Hung Au Sciences 12.04
Craig Bailey HPE 10.04
Troy Barker Resource Centre 10.01
Rani Baslis Arts On Leave
Nick Brown English/Humanities 11.05
Chris Chrisakis Technology 9.05
Amy Coughlan Languages/Maths 8.03
Damien Coulthard HPE / SAASTA 12.02
Sarah Craddock Languages/Arts 12.03
Gedda Dale-Little English/Humanities/Arts  
James Dekort English/Humanities 12.05
Veronica Dentchev Arts  
Rommi Driscoll Eng/Hums/Special Ed/HPE/Ice Hockey 9.01
Ty Duerden English/Humanities  
Ben Earle HPE/Science 9.01
Laurence Fletcher PE/Sciences 8.02
Eddie Grzeskowiak Technology 8.06
Thierry Herman Technology 9.07
Kylie Hill Languages 10.02
Gabi Hirsch-Brown Special Ed/FLO  
Ben Jones HPE 11.04
Andee Kalatzis English/Humanities 12.06
Susan Kauschke EALD  
Grant Kininmont IPP  
Karen Kleinlagel Flexi Centre  
Maria Kontopoulos Science/Humanities 9.04
Yanny Kwok Sciences  
Nick Kyriazis Mathematics/Sciences 9.02
Alastair Lupton Mathematics/Sciences  
Vandana Mahajan HPE 10.03
Rachel McLaine English/Humanities 9.03
Shona Mishra Arts 10.05
George Moreitis Sciences 9.06
Dylan Muzyka Mathematics/IT/DT 8.04
Liam Narcys HPE/Technology  
Emily Newcombe Languages 8.01
Rita Papillo Arts  
Jovana Petrov Arts/HPE 11.01
Dung Pham Mathematics/Sciences 11.03
Marija Poljak-Nikolic Aboriginal Ed/English On Leave
Jan Price Mathematics/Sciences  
Mick Ridge School Counsellor  
Michael Riggs Special Education  
Lina Ruggiero Languages/Aboriginal Ed 11.02
Rob Shepherd Principal 8.07
Dan Slade English/Humanities/RP/Art 8.05
Margie Tilbrook HPE/Humanities 10.04
Deb Wareing  Special Education 18SC
Andrea West VET/FLO 18FLO


Federation Of Schools

Stage 2 District Partnership Subject Sharing
Physics Nick Kyriazis Le Fevre High School
Physical Education Craig Bailey Le Fevre High School
Chemistry TBA Ocean View College
Specialist Maths Con Naum Woodville High School
Maths Studies Alastair Lupton Le Fevre High School
Stage 1    
Biology Samantha Ganac Ocean View College
Chemistry Semester 2 TBA Ocean View College