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AMC Trip 2018

The South Australian Maritime School, Le Fevre High School, invited 14 students and 3 staff with an interest in Maritime Engineering to a three-day visit at the Australian Maritime College located in Launceston, Tasmania. This year’s group consisted of 8 males and 6 females. The purpose of the trip was to expose students to the study opportunities that exist in Maritime career pathways. These skills will become highly valued once we fully embrace the future Naval shipbuilding program.

Day one introduced the students to the specialised and sophisticated equipment available to students who study at AMC and reinforce their position as being in the top 10% of research universities in the world. Students were very interested in the practical learning methodology employed that provided a variety of hands on tasks. The students also had the opportunity to experience the survival centre, a facility that allowed them to learn the basics of survival if an emergency ever occurred at sea. This was the highlight for students as they immersed themselves in this opportunity to use the equipment in AMC’s world class facility.

Day two showcased what the AMC has to offer. Students had a presentation from the senior lectures of Engineering, Architecture, Business and Logistics and Seafaring. The students then received information on what scholarships the AMC have to offer potential students. It was then out of the classroom and off to Beauty Point. Even though it was a cold morning, the views on offer were quite spectacular. After a tour of the Beauty Point Facilities, the students were treated to more hands on activities in Bell Bay. Bell Bay is the AMC’s firefighting campus. The students were taught about the risks of fire on vessels as well as the chance to extinguish different types of fires at this training facility. This was definitely a highlight for the students as it’s not every day that you get to put out 10-metre-high fires.

Day three took us to the world class simulators the AMC has to offer. The students were split into six groups and their task was to successfully navigate their 30m vessel through the Prince of Wales Strait. The Prince of Wales Strait, is a difficult strait located between Cape York and the Torres Strait Islands. The students thoroughly enjoyed this and it was clear the simulation soon turned into a race. It was then off to see the sights of Launceston and in particular Cataract Gorge a beautiful natural wonder in the heart of Launceston.

I would like to thank the students who attended this trip. All students presented in a very positive manner and approached every activity with great enthusiasm and dedication. Also to the two staff members I took from the respective schools. Last but certainly not least Lee-Anne and the wonderful staff of the AMC for volunteering their time to provide an engaging and stimulating experience the students will never forget.

“The opportunity to visit the Australian Maritime College in Launceston and their world class facilities not only represents the future for developing Engineers and Naval Architects, but provides students with the hands on learning to cater for every student’s needs. The college feel the AMC has made us feel very much at home and I would like to once again say thank you for the opportunity.”

Stuart, Immanuel College.

“The 14 of us were super fortunate to see the three different AMC campuses firsthand. I enjoyed talking with the students and staff about their experiences was really valuable and has definitely inspired me to pursue a course with the AMC in the future”

Summer, Mitcham Girls High School

Regards Liam Narcys


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