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AMC Launceston Trip

On Wednesday the 29th of June 13 students staff from across the state were selected from applications to travel to Launceston Tasmania to visit the Australian Maritime College (AMC). The opportunity was sponsored by AMC and the Le Fevre High School Maritime Program. The students participated in lectures in Maritime Engineering and Mathematics as well as touring and trying out the outstanding facilities of the college.

During the three days’ students got to spend lots of time with numerous staff members of the college and ask lots of questions regarding the study options at the AMC. However, it wasn’t all just touring and talking, the students experience lots of hands on practical experiences including a morning helming on the college’s 400-ton training vessel the Bluefin, jumping safely from great heights into the AMC’s indoor pool to perform life raft simulated rescues and putting out fires at the firefighting at Bell Bay. These were just some of the great experiences the students had the pleasure in taking part of at the college.

Academic awareness was gained from discussions with experts at the Model Test Basin, Tow Tank and Cavitation Tunnel where students saw the practical aspects of academic studies. Students also experienced the six multimillion dollar simulators where they all participated in a yacht race into the Sydney Harbour.

The students experienced a great 3 days of student life at AMC and UTAS living in the student accommodation and dining in the student cafeteria with full days participating in “student life.” The  range of Maritime Pathways available to students is very diverse and I would like to direct you the website. AMC also has an association with Flinders University in a 2 plus 2 arrangements where students can commence study in SA before venturing to Tasmania. Please see the insert from one of the students who attended this year’s trip Mussa from Playford International.

On behalf of myself and the rest of the students that went to the AMC trip to Launceston, I would like to thank you for granting us this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

 I can assure that we all picked up some valuable information from our time at the AMC and we also made some amazing new friends.

 This visit has provided an insight as to the range of courses that are running. We were all blown away with the magnitude of courses that are operating at the AMC.

 Once again, thank you for giving us this opportunity that we will all remember for the rest of our lives and I’m sure some of the students will consider enrolling at the AMC in the near future. 

 I hope there will be other opportunities that will see us all working collaboratively, whether that is on another adventure or working towards promoting the AMC. I’ve personally decided to wear the AMC jump to school and received positive feedbacks from both staffs and students.

 Kind regards,

 Mussa Ahmadi.


Liam Narcys





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