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ASC Subs in Schools

Over the past Month Mr Herman’s Le Fevre High School Stage 1 Naval Engineering students have partnered with the ASC to work on designing and constructing a submarine for the annual “Subs in School” competition. ASC have been a great industry partner for our school since the inception of the Maritime Program and the relationship between our school and ASC continues to further grow and develop. So far we have visited the Portside Swimming and Leisure Centre to see the ASC’S model submarine in the water where our students even had a turn of controlling their model submarine on this day. Since the testing of the ASC’s submarine the ASC representatives have come and visited and worked with our students on a weekly basis at Le Fevre High School to design and construct Le Fevre High Schools very own submarine for the competition this year.

So far students have worked on inventor to design certain parts on the 3D printer and now the students are spending time in electronics to start the process of making the submarine actually work. We look forward to the many more times the students will get to work with ASC over the upcoming year. Keep your eyes on the blog for further Maritime updates including the “Subs in School” students.


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