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Cambodia Laos Trip: Blog number 2, A night at Warradale

We’ve spent the afternoon and evening at the DECD campsite planning for our trip that starts 6 am on the first day of our September break. We’ve reviewed our 15 day itinerary and allocated responsibilities. We feel good about how we operate as a group and re-checked our packing list. For some of us, this will be our first trip overseas and for all of us it is going to be amazing. Here’s a few thoughts from today.

James: I am fascinated to see how the people in Laos and Cambodia live their lives. I am looking forward to discovering the cultural differences between how they live and how we do. I am also looking forward to being challenged and to think about all the things I take for granted here in Australia.

John: I am excited to see new places and I have been researching these amazing new places, especially Vientiane. It looks interesting and amazing and adventurous. I am really looking forward to  exciting food adventures throughout our trip. I hear they eat spiders and grasshoppers in Laos. I want to try the home made ice creams with exotic ingredients.

Alyssa: I want to see how living is different for the children of the orphanage and the schools; I’m keen to see how we react to each other. I reckon it’s going to be a great experience.

Rebecca: I am excited to learn about a new culture and how the orphanage cares for the children there.

Cambodia / Lao 2015

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