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Naval Engineering at Le Fevre High School

Stage 1

This course as well as the Stage 2 course is now well embedded in to our school curriculum. At Stage 1 level we have 20 students in this class running throughout the year. It is running again as a SACE Integrated learning subject. This year students in Semester 1 are studying Submarine Technologies where they will be constructing an Underwater Rover in partnership with the ASC, as well as this a small group of students will be participating in the Subs in Schools Program. In the second semester students will study Physics of Sailboats where they will create remote controlled land carts (to race in our school courtyard) students will focus on Aerodynamics, Stability and righting moments, Displacement and Navigation Principles.

Naval Engineering 1

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Stage 2

Again this course is running throughout the year with 18 students currently enrolled in the course many of them from the Stage 1 course the year before. This year students will design, prototype and create a model of the Bluefin which is the AMC Flagship boat and a former trawler. The boat will be a 1 metre long and remote controlled vessel. Throughout the projects there will be numerous Maths, Physics and such as: Naval Architecture, Displacement curves, Stability and righting moments, hydrodynamics of hulls and propellers, Navigation and Electrochemistry. This just highlights how important STEM is in education and the Maritime Industry.

This project was decided to further our relationship with one of our industry/university partners in the AMC and again this year we look forward to taking students to visit the Australian Maritime College in Launceston.


Naval Engineering 2Naval Engineering 3.jpg


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A future in Naval Engineering – George Howard

Last year I completed Year 12. Along the way I attended over 4,500 classes, and completed 30 subjects. That is a lot of classes; however one class stood out for me above all the rest – Mr. Herman’s Naval Engineering course. Unlike almost every other subject, you’re working together as a class to create something incredible, in my case a replica model of the Australian Submarine Corporation’s (ASC) Naval Air Warfare Destroyer. The subject covered all of the processes to make a real ship, just on a small scale. The class challenged me and taught me many new skills relevant to the subject. Another incredible part of the class was Mr. Herman himself. The energy and passion that he brought to the class was one of the things that truly inspired me to choose this path for my future. However, for a while I thought I wasn’t going to make it. This was because I had an ATAR that was below the required entrance score. Even though this was the case I was still accepted into the course with the addition of bonus points and through the Flinders Uni STAT Test. Now that I am enrolled in a Bachelor of Engineering (Naval Architecture) at Flinders University, after two years it will take me to The Australian Maritime College in Tasmania and after that potentially anywhere in the WORLD! I honestly cannot wait for what the future holds for me, and it all stemmed from Mr. Herman’s Naval Engineering course.

Some very positive news from a recent graduate regarding one of the many Maritime/STEM courses we run at Le Fevre High School. Congratulations to both George and Thierry Herman for their fantastic work. Regards Liam Narcys Maritime Leader


George HowardGeorge Howard 1George Howard 2

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Maritime Industry Pathways – VET Program

In the last week of Term One 14 students from various South Australian schools spent a week at the Australian Maritime and Fisheries Academy (AMFA) at Port Adelaide. This was the first week of the 4 week block. This week was entirely dedicated to the completion of Elements of Shipboards Safety; this covers the mandatory safety competencies for this industry.

During this week students participate in firefighting drills aboard the AMFA fire tug learning about all the different range of fires and what device is best for what situation. This day was followed by a day at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre in North Adelaide where students participated in numerous safety drills that included safety jumps off the 5m diving board as well as many lifeboat drills. Another activity was “Pitch Darkness“ where they students had to put on blacked out goggles and then had to find their way back to the life raft by listening to other people’s voices, this demonstrated the students excellent teamwork.

The second stage of the course will be in the last week of term 2 when Navigation and boat handling will be the next stage of learning. If you are interested in the range of Maritime Pathways that exist in this Industry or are interested in this course next year please visit  or  to see the opportunities.


pic 4

Pic 3

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Maritime Engineering Trades

This year the Engineering Trades Course (Maritime Focus) has a great group of enthusiastic students not only from Le Fevre H.S. but we have students from Ocean View College and Underdale High School attending every Wednesday’s.

2016 is going to be a challenging year for this group because late last year the ASC approached our school to manufacture three ‘Gun Tampions’  for the remainder Destroyers to be built in Adelaide. Tampions are chrome steel covers over the gun mussel at the bow of the ship when they come into port; it is purely a show piece to parade the vessel armory.

The students went out on their first of three, 10 day work placements at the end of Term One. I am very pleased to report that all the students performed very well in the workplace. They are being noticed at how well they can follow instructions and use hand tools with confidence.

The photo below is Dale Sampson working at Arno’s Marine with an ex-student who did his work placement there seven years ago, he impressed Arno so much that he offered him an apprenticeship. Andrew Asanopolous is now showing Dale the skills at dismantling this outboard motor.



Pic 1Pic 2

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Subs in Schools 2015 Report

During this semester Le Fevre High School Stage 1 Naval Engineering students have been building a prototype of a submarine for the “Subs in School” competition. Over the past 7 weeks especially in the lead up to the 2 day competition blood, sweat and tears were flowing freely.

Day one of the “Subs in School” South Australia State Final began on the 8th of September with ASC hosting a tour of their submarine facility for the 50 students and 8 teachers from six competing high schools. Included in the group were students from Noosa District High School from Queensland who had traveled down to compete against the SA schools. After touring the ASC facility the students moved to the pool activities which were being hosted at the Prince Alfred College aquatic center. It was here that where the students began their first sea trials and teams were asked to present their boats and perform set tasks. To many this was seen as the most important part of the submarine project i.e. does the boat perform like a submarine should? This task measured

Readiness to set sail

Teamwork and cooperation

Experiment and Improvement


I am pleased to say that Le Fevre Submariners won first place. The achievements of our students highlighted the fact that if you have a passionate teacher such as Thierry (Mr Herman) who is able to inspire students great results can be achieved.

Day two students undertook the dryer components of the competition which were hosted at the Royal Adelaide Show. This includes engineering judging, portfolio judging and the verbal presentation components of the SUBS in Schools competition. In all of these presentations the students were clearly able to articulate their knowledge and understanding of the concepts learnt through completing their submarine. They were excellent ambassadors for the school.

Throughout this competition the students have been exemplary and demonstrated great knowledge and ill finish with a quote from our very proud teacher Mr Herman “This proves the name Maritime High School of South Australia at the front of our school is not just a name.”


Liam Narcys

Maritime Leader Le Fevre High School

maritime news for liam's article

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Le Fevre Students awarded at the Subs in Schools project

LE FEVRE HIGH SCHOOL has a triumph at Sea…

Our Submariner Students ( Stage 1 Naval Engineering ) HAVE WON THE SEA TRIALS in the  – Submarines in Schools –  Competition overseen by ASC and the SAAB Corporation. THIS MEANS THAT WE HAVE THE BEST OPERATIONAL SUBMARINE OF ANY SCHOOL ANYWHERE IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA AND QUEENSLAND (who were competing guests also).

This is an excellent outcome for our “ Maritime High School of South Australia “ programs

sub photo for blog

The names of our Submarine Technologies students are :

Nikayla Cartwright, Jake Cliff, Jason Dixon, Mitchell Lunnay, Jack Lyle, Ashley Mallon, Lachlan Mann, Ben McCormick, Miroslav Micanovic, Mikhalia Rowen, Tania Sensuree and Aaron Thorne.

Congratulations to these students and their very capable teacher, Mr Thierry Herman

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Maritime Studies Students Test Underwater Vehicles

Mr. Hermans’ Maritime Study Students are now experimenting with underwater vehicles as a lead-in towards constructing model submarines. Students constructed small models and tested manoeuvrability in the new model test tank.

RoverThree students accompanied Mr. Herman to a technology expo in Melbourne to demonstrate their larger underwater vehicle, this was well received by Navy personell.

In semester two, 2015 the maritime class will be part designing and assembling a one metre model submarine that will be tested in the schools test tank.

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2015 VET Engineering Class Commences

Maritime School Le Fevre High School has commenced its 2015 VET Engineering course. We continue to watch the construction of the first Air Warefare Destroyer at ASC South Mr. Chrisakis again will be teaching the VET class, a range of competancies in metal areas that will advantage students with any aspirations to become a part of this world class ship building facility.

We value our ongoing relationship with ASC North with it’s submarine focus and ASC South with the destroyer build and other peninsula partners.

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Did you know that you can do your Trade in the Navy?

In Term 4, Our VET Engineering Class were privileged to be visited by Navy, Trades people and other Officers who discussed their careers and qualifications gained as members of our defense forces. This was followed by a personalised visit to mini-P1050352HMAS Newcastle, one of our Australian Frigates. Students were guided through many areas of the ship rarely opened to the public and discussed further career opportunities with the crew.


To Find out more about opportunities in Maritime Areas, please visit our parters

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