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Chromebook Program 2021

Update dated 9/4/2021

To the parent/caregiver/legal guardian:

Unfortunately, we need to advise of another unexpected delay to the rollout of our Chromebook program. Due to technical delays beyond our control, we have to hold the deployment to mid-term 2. In the meantime, we are proceeding with all other rollout works. This will include the processing of the financial and agreement documentation. Over the coming weeks, the school will be sending invoices for the loan Chromebook as well as a user agreement and cloud computing policy which we require to be returned within the first few weeks of term 2.

ICT Team Le Fevre High School


Chromebook Program Update 19/02/21:

The Year 8 BYOD program commences in Term 2 (27/04/21). The school has secured the Chromebooks from the suppliers and they are expected to arrive late March.

Those who have chosen to loan a Chromebook from the school for 3 years for $250, will soon receive communication and as well as the invoice.

For those who require financial assistance, a payment plan consisting of a maximum of 3 payment all of which are due by the end of 2021, is available, please email us  ,for any assistance.

All students are expected to have a device by the start of Term 2 whether this is one loaned from the school, one purchased through the school’s BYOD program or a personal Laptop or Chromebook (not iPad or tablet) you have purchased.

If you wish to loan a device from the school please click the link below and add fill out the form and we will process your request.

Please click the following link to access the survey: Chromebook Survey Link Here


Updated: 13/11/2020

Le Fevre High School is an IB World School that is committed to a vision of providing a high-quality ICT environment that supports student learning and develops successful global citizens of the 21st century. Recently the school has reviewed our ICT Strategy and based on the extensive evaluation, we have decided to move to a new model for the provision of student ICT devices, to enable a true one-to-one device ratio. This approach will also support learning at home.

To achieve this aim, the school has decided to implement a Chromebook Program for the 2021 Year 8 & 9 students. This will provide the necessary platform to connect students with cloud-based computing including Internet access, Daymap (our Learner Management System), Google G-Suite, and the Department provided Office 365 platform. Coupled to this, the school in partnership with the Governing Council is investing heavily in its backbone ICT infrastructure to ensure a seamless end-user experience when onsite. Whilst out of school, students will need access to an Internet connection for full Chromebook functioning however offline options are available and students will learn how to operate these aspects of the device.

Students will be expected to bring their Chromebook to school each day, fully charged, and to each lesson. This ensures that the Chromebook is a core tool for learning. This requirement will be a mandatory expectation for student learning behavior. Teachers will manage the use of the devices to ensure a satisfactory balance of screen time as part of the learning structures.


To assist us with the management of arrangements for next year, we are now seeking indications from families of which option they will likely choose.

The Chromebook Program for 2021 will consist of three options, with options 1 and 2 being preferred.


School provided Chromebook on Loan to each individual student, where a service fee applies. The parent contribution to access this option is $250 paid up front as a once off cost or through instalments (across Terms 1 to 3 in 2021) or by other arrangement with our Business Manager. Invoices for the parent contribution will be provided in January 2021.

A Chromebook Loan agreement must be signed and returned to the school. If a student ceases enrolment, the Chromebook must be returned, and a partial refund of the Parent Contribution will apply. If the Chromebook is not returned, lost or damaged beyond repair, the full cost of the Chromebook is chargeable to families. The chargeable cost will be $350.

As per the initial advice letter, insurance, bags, covers etc for the loan Chromebook device is a parent decision and at own cost.


Purchase own Chromebook through external vendor purchasing portal for an approximate cost of $450. Payment, Finance and Insurance options are available through this provider to support families. The portal is presently undergoing development. Further details regarding this option will soon be available via our website.


Bring your own Chromebook or device (not Ipad or Tablet) and have it connected to the Le Fevre High School network, which includes signing a Student BYOD ICT Device User Agreement. It is important to note that MacBooks are not easily supported in our network environment.

Please click the following link to access the survey: Chromebook Survey Link Here

 We ask that responses to the survey are completed by COB 18th December 2020.


Please note, our suppliers are still advising that the supply of devices is very limited worldwide. Due to this, we expect that Option 1 and 2 Chromebook rollout will be delayed until mid to late Term 1 next year.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, Please reach out to us via email


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