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VET at Le Fevre High School


What is Vocational Education and Training (VET)?

VET refers to national vocational qualifications that are endorsed by industry and includes the development of specific industry-related skills. Students with VET qualifications are well prepared to take on School-based Apprenticeships or Traineeships, further training and skilled jobs. Please refer to the Regional VET information at the back of this course book.

CREATIVE INDUSTRIES-Certificate II in Creative Industries-Media (Full Certificate)

Up to 40 Stage 1 credits

This course is aimed at both students considering a career in the industry and at students who would utilise design and media skills in their workplace, such as office environments or business owners. For full completion of the certificate students need to choose four subjects: 10 Design and Digital Media, 10 Art and Digital Media, 11 Design and Digital Media and 11 Art and Digital Media. Any of these subjects can be taken individually as partial completion of the certificate.

This course is an introduction to the Digital Media workplace, specialising in publishing and screen electives. Competencies include both theoretical and practical knowledge. Students will use industry software, practice employability skills, and complete digital media products.

ENGINEERING TRADES TRAINING–Certificate I in Engineering (Full Certificate)

30 Stage 1 credits – one year

This course will introduce students to aspects of engineering in the maritime shipbuilding industry. Students will learn welding, fabrication and machining skills and processes, as well as required theory. Oxy/Acetylene, MMA and GMA welding techniques are used. Projects, design work and testing are integral components of the course. Students will be supported by local industry partnerships for visits and workplace learning.

MARITIME INDUSTRY PATHWAY-Certificate II in Transport and Distribution (Maritime Operations) (Full Certificate)

55 Stage 1 credits – one year

This is an entry level course that will provide students with maritime skills and knowledge to enable them to be immediately employable as deck hands as well as giving them significant credit in a coxswain course. This will be able to be completed once students have gained sufficient documented time at sea.

 SSASTA-Certificate III in Sport and Recreation (Full Certificate)

50 Stage 2 credits – one year

This subject is open to all SAASTA students, aged 16 by February in the year of study.

The course is aimed at sports minded students who are seeking genuine career opportunities within the sports and recreation industry. As one of the few sporting pathways through the SACE this subject will equip students with the skills, knowledge and qualifications to enter into further studies and/or assist in gaining employment in the sports and related field including fitness centres and sporting complexes/clubs as well as the potential to further enhance elite sporting careers.

For more information please see the subject headings within the year level offerings or Regional VET Student Pathways information page on this website.