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What is EALD? Struggling with English? Le Fevre School can Help.

Our school population consists of people from a diversity of over 50 cultural and language backgrounds.EALD Brochure

What is EALD?

EALD stands for English as an Additional Language (second language) or Dialect of Australian English.

Who is eligible?

EALD is available for students who speak English at school but may speak another language or dialect of English at home.

What assistance can an EALD student expect?

We have a range os services available to improve EALD student outcomes.

EALD services include:SAASTA

Direct teaching, in-class support, tutoring, assistance with assignments and examination preparation.

We are supporting the following students with EALD assistance:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Students who speak another language at home with their families.

International students.

New Arrivals to Australia.

Key EALD points:Students

One to one tutoring assistance provided.

EALD teacher provides for individual needs.

English language learning outcomes improved.

Over 50 cultural and language groups are represented at Le Fevre High School.


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