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goodbye and thank you Cambodia; hello Laos

We are safely in Luang Prabang and already we are noticing differences in the tone of the cities… this heritage city is tranquil and road rules seem to be obeyed… internet here is variable and currently I’m using the day managers private account (I’ve got 10 mins)…. suffice to say that yesterday was a beautiful farewell, the flight smooth and arrival full of excitement…. prices seem to be similar but here we are using the local currency (the kip) exclusively…. 1USD = 8000 kip and a meal is around the 5USD amount. We are spending the next few days at the orphanage, literally a worls away from AFL grand finals and rugby knock out games (for the poms if the Aussies win). For now, here’s a few photos…

maybe blog later if we can

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