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goodnight market

the Luang Prabang night market has been a regular feature of our time here and even though tonight it was only for an after dinner crepe snack, it will be missed. Spanning several blocks on what is a major thoroughfare during the day past the royal palace and one street back from the Mekong, this collection of textiles, spices, jewellery, clothing, journals, coffee/tea, recycled paper products, bags, pencil cases, religious items, paintings, arts and crafts has a life of its own. Fringed by crepe, sandwich, meat, soup & smoothie houses, street food is accessible and delectable.

Prices range from 1000 kip for a woven bracelet through to hundreds of thousands for silk wall hangings, exotic necklaces or begging urns. The food is anything from 5000 – 25000 kip. Money burns a hole in your pocket here and you can easily end up with items simply for the sake of haggling for it…. something with a starting price of 200000 can end up being sold for 50000 (or less). The key thing is to conduct the process with respect and when a deal is done, your $ is slapped against the remaining items for good luck.

This is no Siem Reap while some of the same items can be recognised and we’ll be able to compare to the Vientiane version over the next few days… for now, it is time to pack and rest before our early start tomorrow.

Lou (LFHS’s team name for now)

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