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Huntington Ingalls Industries visit Le Fevre

HII is Americas largest military ship builder and they had requested a visit to our school after hearing about our focus on developing the skills and capabilities that will be vital for the nation’s future ship building plans. HII is looking to secure the rights to our Naval Maritime College (to be operational in 2018) and the focus of their tour was to see how they can support and nurture the programs we already have in place. They were impressed by the work Thierry Herman has developed in the fields of Naval Engineering/Architecture and also the enthusiasm and passion he displayed. Deklan  gave an impressive account of the CAD work he was doing as part of the Naval course and made comment of the knowledge and understanding he has of complex theories. Chloe  represented students who are undertaking the Subs in Schools challenge and she spoke well about their progress and planning. The delegates made particular note about how enthusiastic these young people were which I believe reflects upon the dedication of the staff at LFHS.

“The enthusiasm and expertize of your team was very evident.  Similarly, the enthusiasm and engagement of your students was also evident.” Jeff McCray Vice President Business Development. HII 

As they toured our facilities they were especially pleased with our results in developing future trade capabilities through our Certificate 1 Engineering course. Chris Chrisakis explained in detailed how the students make their way through the course and that the students are treated as apprentices which holds them in good stead in the future. The main focus in our engineering areas is our ability to meet the future demand for students in these trades as the Naval Shipbuilding program takes shape.

The Naval Shipbuilding Program has the potential to drive our economy and the Le Fevre Peninsula in the future due to the vast nature and reach of the project. Le Fevre High School is well placed and in some cases ahead of the curve in preparing our students to become a part of this exciting project.


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