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As our time in Cambodia nears its end day 6 for us has been bigger than ever! A real feature today has been the variety of activities, each with their own highlights and together a wonderful follow up to the historic feast of yesterday.

Again the hotel organised our transport and our request for the same driver was met, the difference this time was the price and for 35USD instead of 40 we got a minibus to drive us on our own discovery tour. First stop was 25kms past Angkor Wat to the Landmine museum ( In 1997 Aki Ra founded this as he was simply sick of seeing children getting hurt in their hunt for scrap metal from the millions (yes, millions) of unexploded mines still littering Cambodia in the aftermath of the Vietnam War and the extended conflict with the Khmer Rouge. Aki himself was a child soldier and he openly embraced the use of mines as he fought. Later, he became an expert in disarming using hand-made tools and started an orphanage and school for affected children but there is so much still to be done. Our visit today is another small contribution and all of the $ spent by tourists here, stays here.

Just down the road is the largest fully enclosed butterfly enclosure in South East Asia. The Banteay Srei Butterfly Centre ( was a joyous change up and to have these peaceful insects flutter around you and land on you with complete trust was refreshing. We were able to be guides through the complete cycle of butterflies and for something that many might think was a primary school activity, this place astounded everyone; the photos show why it was a popular favourite of today.

And that was meant to be it. Just so happened though that our driver (not a hotel employee but a sub-contractor) had a suggestion for us. So, after a few calls and some price negotiation (from 160 USD to 110) we were taken to the increasingly popular village of Kompong Pluk (not the heavily touristed floating Chong Kneas). To get to this stilted community we boarded a barge and motored through the channels toward the Sonle Tap lake (remember that? it’s the cool body of water that fills in the wet season when the Mekong pushes water up the Sonle Tap river from Phnom Phen… only to reverse the flow once the rain stops… pretty cool for many species of fish and birds). For a few hours we cruised the area with fresh water crocodiles on show, floating corner stores in long boats and several other tourist boats sharing the experience as the local fishermen returned with their day’s catch….. plenty of authenticity on show along with the odd bit of opportunism (photographers took our photos on arrival as we walked past, printed them on a clichéd background and tried to sell them to us for 4USD on our return… yeah, we bought a few).

By 6pm we were back at the Royal Crown, ready for a swim in the pool before having a break from Asian food with some Italian instead. It was a bit more expensive partly because it was Italian and partly because it was one of several restaurants in an up-market shopping precinct. It also was a great place to debrief our day and share the enjoyment.

Tomorrow we will check out at noon then re-visit the Old Market area before getting a transfer to the airport at 2 (our flight to Laos leaves 4.55).

Lots of photos today so the following is a digital narrative of sorts; hope you enjoy it….there’s a couple of landscape ones so if you click on them they should open up

oh, are we meant to have a cool name yet?

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