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Maritime News

This year’s class started their journey towards a maritime career in the last week of term one. The 21 students from various high schools across South Australia were split in to two separate classes. One class studying Engineering where they focused on performing basic servicing and maintenance of main propulsion units and auxiliary systems. The other class focused on basic survival skills, firefighting  and work health and safety. The students who finished these competencies come out with an ESS ticket (Elements of Shipboard Safety), which will help them gain work experience or employment on any type of vessel.

The students enjoyed their time putting out fires as well as their time at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre where they  practiced raft skills as well as simulated emergency drills. The students are well on their way to a maritime career as well as 60 stage 1 credits for completing the course.

Students can begin to express interest in the course next year by contacting myself or the Australian Maritime and Fisheries Academy. Please keep up to date with the blog for updates on these students and their journeys as well as all the other Maritime news from Le Fevre High School and beyond.

Regards Liam Narcys

Maritime Leader, Le Fevre High School

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