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Naval Engineering at Le Fevre High School

Stage 1

This course as well as the Stage 2 course is now well embedded in to our school curriculum. At Stage 1 level we have 20 students in this class running throughout the year. It is running again as a SACE Integrated learning subject. This year students in Semester 1 are studying Submarine Technologies where they will be constructing an Underwater Rover in partnership with the ASC, as well as this a small group of students will be participating in the Subs in Schools Program. In the second semester students will study Physics of Sailboats where they will create remote controlled land carts (to race in our school courtyard) students will focus on Aerodynamics, Stability and righting moments, Displacement and Navigation Principles.

Naval Engineering 1

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Stage 2

Again this course is running throughout the year with 18 students currently enrolled in the course many of them from the Stage 1 course the year before. This year students will design, prototype and create a model of the Bluefin which is the AMC Flagship boat and a former trawler. The boat will be a 1 metre long and remote controlled vessel. Throughout the projects there will be numerous Maths, Physics and such as: Naval Architecture, Displacement curves, Stability and righting moments, hydrodynamics of hulls and propellers, Navigation and Electrochemistry. This just highlights how important STEM is in education and the Maritime Industry.

This project was decided to further our relationship with one of our industry/university partners in the AMC and again this year we look forward to taking students to visit the Australian Maritime College in Launceston.


Naval Engineering 2Naval Engineering 3.jpg


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    1. Day 1 Term 4

      October 14
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      October 22
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      October 23
    4. Year 12 Breakfast, Farewell Assembly and Afternoon Tea

      October 25