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our last hurrah

one of the best ways to enjoy a final day before you spend a day traveling is to go out and do something and as tempting as it was to simply pack, swim in the pool, eat, watch movies, swim in the pool and generally hang out at the Leuxay, that’s exactly what we did.

It may not seem like much but a trip to the day market gave as a new perspective on the tourist oriented night market. This collection of stalls and malls had higher quality goods and was more in line with what we expect. This wasn’t a shopping venture but an experience (but we did buy a few things). A real indicator is the fact that we missed the Wat for the 2nd day running… ‘bop en yang’.

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Not a lot of the mall here but it was there. After an hour or so we wandered down past the royal palace to an outdoor restaurant on the Mekong… here it was roast chicken & fish that were the feature but some of the milkshakes in the mall were so filling that some skipped lunch.

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another tuk tuk ride to our hotel gave as a chance for more packing and a swim before we headed out again for a final dinner. At the Homemade restaurant we all enjoyed a great last meal with some of the team’s favourite, spaghetti, featuring.

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and of course, with our 5000 kip each for our final tuk tuk ride ‘home’ safely stored in our pockets, we ventured one last time through the night market to see if there was anything we could still afford that we had forgotten.

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so it is farewell to our brief taste of the Lao capital… tomorrow morning it is bags downstairs at 6 am for a light breakfast before a 6.30 departure for the airport. Lots to be happy about and hopefully we’ll be able to do one more highlights blog during our 10 hr layover in Malaysia’s KL airport..

the Twisters signing off:)


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