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Please see below link in regards to latest NAPLAN news. This will also be distributed to Year 9 students on Monday during Care Group.



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15 May 2019


Dear Parents/Carers,

As you are aware, yesterday was the first day of NAPLAN, which Le Fevre High School is doing online. Unfortunately some connectivity issues were experienced nationwide during the test and these issues are currently being investigated.

While this isn’t ideal, please be assured we have procedures to follow to minimise any impacts on our students, including rescheduling the test if required.

National test authorities have advised they regret any inconvenience this has caused to schools and students, and are working to rectify the issue as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding NAPLAN, please contact Karen Bond on 84497004.


Yours sincerely,

Karen Bond


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Public Education Awards

Nominate, recognise and celebrate an outstanding educator in the 2019 Public Education Awards.

Get involved and say thank you to a leader, teacher or support staff member making a significant difference to the lives of their students and their communities.

An educator’s influence continues beyond the classroom and supports children and young people to reach their full potential in life. We all remember a teacher who inspired and motivated us to enjoy learning, and the awards honour the dedication and passion of individuals who deliver the best possible outcomes for young people and their families. 

The Public Education Awards are entering their 9th year and we’re excited to share excellence in South Australian public education and invite you to celebrate and recognise an educator who makes a positive impact every day.

The Public Education Awards recognise excellence in South Australian public education, and nominations are open 1 to 31 May. Visit to nominate and find out more about the awards.




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  • Special congratulations to our Dux: Abhira R who achieved an ATAR of 99.95 and to Deklan S who was very close second.
  • Congratulations also to the many other students who have done extraordinarily well and to those who have also achieved their personal bests.
  • Of note is that our SACE achievement rate was ABOVE the state average at 98.15% of potential completers achieving their SACE compared with the state average of 97.42%.
  • Also, we are proud to say that we topped the state again this year with the greatest number of Aboriginal Students in SA completing their SACE. We had 15 Aboriginal students complete their SACE and 10 of these were SAASTA students.


Well done to you all. We are so very proud of your achievements. Thank you to all the staff who have supported our students achieve these outstanding results.


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Aboriginal Education Strategy

So proud that Le Fevre High School was chosen by DfE to host the launch of the DfE Aboriginal Education Strategy 2019-2029 and that our student Janaye G (SAASTA  student of the year recipient) was chosen to MC the function. Minister John Gardner officially launched the policy. The policy group was co-chaired by CE Rick Persse and Professor Peter Buckskin.


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  • Upcoming Events

    1. Year 10 and 11 Student Meningococcal Vacinations

      July 24
    2. Wattle Day – School Closure

      August 30
    3. Student Free Day

      September 2