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Le Fevre High School presents Brisbane

Le Fevre High School presents Brisbane

Le Fevre High School presents Brisbane’s Gun Tampion

Le Fevre High School is a local school with a maritime focus offering Naval Engineering and Maritime Trades Engineering courses to its students. The Maritime Trades Engineering course draws students from local partnership schools to gain TAFE accredited competencies, including exposure to industrial workshops and the development of employable skills.

Due to this maritime focus, Le Fevre High School has developed a partnership with the AWD Alliance and the Royal Australian Navy in which they are responsible for the manufacturing of the Tampion for the three air warfare destroyers (AWD’s).

The Tampion is a ceremonial cover for the barrel of the AWD’s Mk 45 Mod 4 5” gun that is displayed when the ship is alongside. It is made of marine grade stainless steel, chromed with a brass-etched Brisbane badge on the front.

On Wednesday 15 August 2018, the group of students responsible for the manufacture presented the completed Tampion to Brisbane’s Commanding Officer, Commander Josh Wilson, in a presentation held on the bow of Brisbane. Following the presentation the students were invited to tour Brisbane and enjoy a morning tea with Commander Wilson and the ship’s company in the Commanding Officer’s cabin.

Manufacturing of the Tampion took the students approximately one school year. The Le Fevre students previously presented the Tampion for HMAS Hobart in July 2017, and will also be involved with the manufacturing of the Tampion for our third destroyer, Sydney.


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