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safely in Malaysia

Pleased to report that our 7 hour flight was indeed a comfortable 3 movies worth and quite smooth…. greeted in KL by a serious smoke haze due to the fires in Sumatra but that has made our afternoon activity a more relaxed one…. no pool at the Tune hotel or breakfast tomorrow before our 6.45 am flight to Phnom Penh but they do have a nice lobby, comfortable rooms, a 7-11 and a 2 min walk to our terminal for dinner and departure. Suffice to say, we’re hanging out.

Interesting facts:

– you get 2.6 ringgit for an aussie $ which will buy you a 600ml water

– no visa is required for entry

– the fare into town is 199 ringgits to get to town (70 kms away)

the airplane food was very pleasing but you need to ask if you want extra drinksDSC06762taking off Adelaide

– Malaysia is 90 minutes behind Adelaide…

seeya tomorrow in Cambodia..

happy holidays from the adventurers

  • Upcoming Events

    1. Day 1 Term 4

      October 14
    2. Peninsula Shield Cup

      October 22
    3. Parent Teacher Interviews

      October 23
    4. Year 12 Breakfast, Farewell Assembly and Afternoon Tea

      October 25