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twisting by the pool

well, in our dreams… actually sitting in the OldTown white coffee café, KL airport terminal one…. all checked in and waiting another 3 hours before we can board.

Today has been lovely and the fight from Vientiane to here very smooth… the Leuxay hotel opened their kitchen an hour early for us and presented individual eggs and bacon… very 4 star in service… and then took us in their mini bus to the international terminal (it was an hour before check in opened but at least we weren’t going to miss it).

KL airport is huge and we caught a train from one to the other to link up for our final flight… the smog is still thick and a health warning has been issued… we’ve hung out in the café for the past 2 hours sharing memories and highlights (checkout the favourite city/site/moment chart photo)…

in all, it has been a pleasure to spend time with such a strong group of young people and all have grown significantly from the experience…

thanks for reading & see you soon

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