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Welcome to the new school year

I would like to share some preliminary news of the school and to welcome all students, staff members, parents and friends to the 2016 school year. I will be Acting Principal for the first four weeks of term 1 as Rob Shepherd is taking some well-deserved leave. Sarah Craddock will be Acting Assistant Principal of Daily Operations during this period of time whilst Craig Bailey and Troy Barker will be continuing in their respective Assistant Principal roles of Student Well-being and Curriculum.


Communication is vital in supporting our students in both academic performance and well-being. We would encourage all our families to ensure you have provided the school with your email address as this is often a more convenient method of communication for some people, along with your mobile phone number. These are even more crucial this year given the changes to the postal system and the delay which is more likely to occur in receiving mail. We would also encourage you to regularly visit the school web site as this contains a lot of useful information including the school calendar and Newsletter.


Throughout this year we will be having some facility upgrades. Over the course of the holidays we have already had some of our “temporary” buildings removed which has significantly changed the landscape of the school to the west of the site. These buildings will eventually be replaced by a new block of general purpose classrooms but in the meantime we are doing our best to cause minimal disruption to our curriculum. One of our buildings will be transformed into a Visual Arts Centre and the old one will be removed, along with another “temporary” building close to the admin area. Whilst a lot of work is being done during the course of school holidays, we will at times have some work happening during the term and will endeavour to keep this disruption to a minimum as well.


Our 2015 Year 12 students have again obtained very strong results, with many getting into their first choices at University and into other successful post school options. On behalf of the staff of the school, I congratulate these students on their achievements and wish them all every success in their endeavours. More information regarding our 2015 Year 12 results will be forthcoming in due course.


We have a number of staff appointments to the school at this time and I would like to inform you of those:


  • Marie Boettcher, Information Processing & Publishing/English teacher
  • George Moreitis, Mathematics teacher
  • Vandana Mahajan, Home Economics teacher
  • Peter Jamieson, Lab Manager
  • Terry Hortop, Administrative SSO


We welcome back Margie Tilbrook and Emily Newcombe from leave in 2015 and are very pleased to have them back on board. This term Rita Papillo will be taking leave and will return in term 2. We also have two new appointments to Coordinator roles this year: Shona Mishra will be Arts Coordinator and Andrea West will be VET Coordinator.


Our Year Level Coordinators in Semester 1 as at 29 January are as follows:  Year 8: Mr Ty Duerden and Mr Liam Narcys who will also oversee the Transition programs with Mr Craig Bailey Assistant Principal, Year 9: Mr Ben Earle and Ms Andee Kalatzis, Year10: Mr James Dekort and Ms Marija Poljak-Nikolic, Year 11: Mr Ben Jones, and Year 12: Ms Kylie Hill for the first four weeks then Ms Sarah Craddock will return to this role.


As a school community we have many exciting opportunities unfolding before us. This year we will continue with developments in the Maritime Engineering Program as a part of our Maritime High School and the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) programs, especially in relation to our emerging partnerships with the neighbouring Primary Schools. We also look forward to welcoming a number of new International students and visiting programs from Indonesia into the school this year.


We look forward to a very successful academic year again in 2016.  Our “Focus on Learning” will be at the centre of our endeavours and students will be expected to arrive punctually at class with their appropriate learning equipment. Further we will not permit students to use their mobile phones in class or access social media sites during lesson time unless they are given explicit approval by the relevant class teacher at the time. (See the Parent and Student Handbook in our Policies section of this website for further information on Mobile Phones and other relevant policies.)


Please feel welcome to drop into the school to say hello and meet me (or Rob Shepherd upon his return) if you have not already done so. There is a special Year 8 Parent’s Acquaintance evening on Monday 15 February followed by the Annual General Meeting of the Governing Council. Please think about nominating for the Governing Council and attending this important meeting. Also on Wednesday 10 February there will be a Year 12 Parent and Student information evening. More details will be sent out via students about these functions. I will be available for informal discussions at the conclusion of these meetings.


I wish all students a very successful and happy year.


Kindest regards,


Jean Perry

Acting Principal


  • Upcoming Events

    1. Wattle Day – School Closure

      August 30
    2. Student Free Day

      September 2