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When did the Maritime Program begin at Le Fevre High School?

The Premier announced the establishment of Le Fevre High School as the Maritime High School as an election commitment in March 2010. We moved forward in a range of areas that support students to be introduced to Maritime Pathways that in many cases support the Defence Industries in South Australia and the official start of the program was 2011.

What are some of the Maritime/STEM program you run at Le Fevre High School?

Below is a list of course/programs we host at Le Fevre High School. This list is constantly being updated however so for the most updated course information please contact the school.

Program name Status Focus / Level Based at:
Maritime Engineering Active Metals engineering certificate Le Fevre (VET)
Maritime Industry Pathways Active Maritime Industries Le Fevre (VET)
DIPP Program Active Future engineering skillsUniversity TAFESA
ATP Program Active Industry links/Advanced Technology Le Fevre/State Wide
Science Maritime Courses Active University Le Fevre
Naval Engineering Active Stage 1 & 2 – Architecture Le Fevre
Logistics Industry Pathways Active University and certificate Ocean View (VET)
Subs In Schools Active Future engineering skills University Australian wide challenge
Australian Maritime College visit Active Maritime careersUniversity Le Fevre
Regional STEM Days Active Engineering/Maths/Science University of SA
Primary School STEM Days Active Future innovation/problem solving skills Le Fevre


What has the success been like for the program so far?

We have had fantastic results throughout the school with the Maritime Program. Numerous students have earned apprenticeships in local industry from studying our Maritime Engineering course (including 6 at ASC) other students have gone on to the Australian Maritime College in Launceston to further study Naval Architecture. Students who completed the Maritime Pathways VET course have gone onto further study at the Australian Maritime & Fisheries Academy at Port Adelaide also. For a list of student destination date please come to the school and check out our Maritime Wall of Fame located near the front office.

What day does Maritime Engineering VET course run?

This course runs every Wednesday, for further information please contact our VET coordinator.

Do you involve local community/industry and Primary Schools with in these programs?

We work very closely with local industry both large and small within this program. We have good working relationships with our local primary schools also. We host Primary STEM days where year 6/7 students attend Le Fevre High School for a day and work on STEM based activities, at the completion of the day they get to take a project home as well.

How do you think you could improve what you’re doing regarding Maritime/STEM at Le Fevre High School?

We are always looking at ways of improving our courses and are always looking for new ideas to capture students and give them the opportunities that are available in the Maritime/STEM field. Some of these are listed below

  • Top end Maths and Sciences improving numbers
  • More females in engineering/maritime industry
  • More indigenous students in Engineering
  • Federating our Naval Engineering courses at year 11 and year 12 so more students have the opportunity
  • Getting more teachers involved in the Maritime Curriculum


If you have any more questions regarding the Maritime Program or STEM curriculum we run at Le Fevre High School please contact the school on 84497004