Le Fevre High School's language of choice is Indonesian: the national language of our closest neighbour. Building our important friendship with Indonesia is essential to preparing young Australians for the future that lies ahead.

We share values in democracy, diversity and peace in our region, and concerns for environmental protection and sustainability. Knowing and engaging with Indonesia can go a long way in helping us know who – and where – we are. Indonesian is written using the Roman alphabet, and there is a clear correlation and a degree of consistency between its sound and its written form. This feature generally makes it easy for speakers of English as a first language to predict how to say, read or write Indonesian words.

Our neighbour is already the most populous and resource-rich nation in Southeast Asia. It’s also the world’s fourth-largest country by population. Building connections with Indonesia will open vast opportunities for our students.

At Le Fevre High School, all students acquire a second language to foster cultural and inter-cultural understanding and international mindedness. Our language courses are delivered by qualified, trained language teachers. All students in Years 7 to 9 are expected to undertake lessons in Indonesian. Indonesian is a core subject in Years 7 to 9, with equal contact hours to other core subjects (minimum 200 minutes per week). A clear pathway to SACE Stage 2 is guaranteed for students who elect to continue Indonesian in the senior years.  Students and staff are able to access experiences within and with other cultural groups and representatives, including exchanges.

Please see the above rationale: “Why Indonesia Matters in Our Schools” for further information.