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2020 Wellbeing and Engagement Collection Data

2020 Wellbeing and Engagement Collection Data

The words wellbeing, engagement, character strengths, resilience, positive education, the General Capabilities, and social and emotional skills are often used interchangeably. These terms each refer to a broad set of skills that help people succeed at school and later in adulthood.

Since 2013, South Australian schools across the education system have been working to measure wellbeing and engagement for middle and senior years students through the WEC Survey. This measure is described as high, medium or low wellbeing. With high wellbeing being the most desirable.

LFHS Year 8-12 students completed the survey in week 8 of Term 1 this year. Below is a snapshot of student responses for 2020 as analysed by staff and Student Voice.

  • A shift towards medium and higher wellbeing in relation to school belonging and school climate.
  • A very high sense of wellbeing in relation to how the school deals and manages bullying.
  • Much higher wellbeing in the fields of students identifying an important adult at LFHS and emotional engagement with teachers.
  • A significant lift in high wellbeing in the area of ‘expectations for success’.
  • Students are identifying their wellbeing is lower in ‘learning practices (organisation)’ and ‘meeting expectations (having high expectations but not living up to these)’.
  • Student engagement in sport/arts/music outside of school is yet again highlighting low wellbeing.
  • Future goal planning was an area identified as medium wellbeing.
  • Students eating breakfast indicated low wellbeing.

For further information regarding our Wellbeing and Engagement Collection data, please email Craig Bailey (Assistant Principal).

Click on image below to see the LFHS improvement over time in relation to bullying data. 

Segments of the table in green represent high wellbeing, orange is medium wellbeing and red is low wellbeing.


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