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Year 7 to High School

Year 7 to High School

Le Fevre High School staff and students are looking forward to Year 7 students joining us in 2022. Much planning and preparation is underway to ensure that Year 7 students quickly develop a sense of belonging and that they are supported to achieve their personal best. Here is some preliminary information we would like to share.

  • Prospective Year 6 and 7 students will have half day visits in 2021, a full day of Transition will occur late in 2021
  • A Middle School model will be trialled in 2021 for 2022
  • Middle Years students (8-9) will study the IBMYP/AC and Senior Years students (10-12) will study AC/SACE
  • Students will still study IBMYP units of work in Year 10 but will operate as part of the senior school
  • LFHS contacts for all transition enquiries for 2022 can be directed via email to our Assistant Principal, Craig Bailey or our Middle School Leader, Sarah Craddock


  • Upcoming Events

    1. LAST DAY TERM 3

      September 24

      September 27 - October 8
    3. DAY 1 TERM 4

      October 11