Health and Wellbeing


Having good health and wellbeing is crucial to quality of life and is a fundamental human right. Even though it is one of the most talked about topics, and is currently trending worldwide, our Health is too often not treated as a priority. Students develop the knowledge, skills and understandings required to explore and understand influences and make decisions regarding health and wellbeing. They consider the role of health and wellbeing in different contexts and explore ways of promoting positive outcomes for individuals, communities and global society.

Students learn strategies to improve their own mental/physical/emotional wellbeing and the community around them (practical and theory lessons). This course leads into Year 12 study of Stage 2 Health and Wellbeing (20 credits).

Health and Wellbeing covers four main concepts, and there are two types of assessments that students undertake, which include:

  • Practical Action (70%)
  • Issue Inquiry (30%)

Examples of practical activities could involve students developing exercise programs, exploring mental health benefits of meditation, and creating domestic violence action plans. Examples of the issue inquiry topics include homelessness, obesity, illicit drugs, racism, body image, addiction, and mental health.

There are many areas of interest that Health and Wellbeing explores, and possible career pathways from this course could lead to health services, research, psychology, teaching or sport science.

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