Research Project


The Research Project is a compulsory subject of the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). This is a Stage 2 subject, studied in Year 11 at Le Fevre High School. The term ‘research’ is used broadly and may include practical or technical investigations, formal research, or exploratory enquiries. Students choose a topic of interest – it may be linked to a SACE subject or course, or to a workplace or community context. It could be an idea or issue, a technical or practical challenge, an artefact, a problem, or a research question. They work independently and with others to initiate an idea, and to plan and manage a research project. Students learn and apply research processes and the knowledge and skills specific to their research topic. They analyse information and explore ideas to develop their research and record, communicate and evaluate their research outcome. Students will be enrolled in Research Project A or B after consultation with the learning area coordinator.


Capabilities:In their Research Project students must demonstrate one or more capability relevant to their research from the following list: Literacy, Numeracy, ICT capability, creative and critical thinking, personal and social capability, ethical understanding and intercultural understanding. They show how this capability is developed through their research.

Research framework: Students follow the research framework below as a guide in completing the work.

  • Initiating, planning, and managing the research
  • Carrying out the research
  • Communicating the research outcome
  • Evaluating the research.


School-based assessment:                                     

  • Folio (preliminary ideas and research proposal, research development, discussion) 30%
  • Research outcome 40%

External assessment:

  • Evaluation (including written summary) 30%