Drama - Performing Arts

Full Year

Drama is the art of enriching our understanding of human relationships, from the personal to the global. It engages others through the creation of original connections between presenters, audiences, ideas and narratives. Drama asks us to question – as individuals, societies and as a species – not only how and what we do, but also why we choose to think and do things the way we do. In asking these questions and creating dramatic ways of considering these ideas, Drama students develop their unique gifts as creative, informed, wise, productive and inter-personally skilled artists and collaborators.  This course involves a combination of practical and theory (although most theory can be presented in multi modal forms).

Note: Previous experience in Drama is preferable.

  • Group presentation: study of a dramatic innovator and practical application of knowledge via performance in roles such as actor, director, designer. 20%
  • Folio: review live theatre performances and group production report in which, students review and analyse their own involvement in a dramatic performance or presentation. 30%
  • Performance:(external assessment) students participate in a group production either as a performer or in an off stage design role (lighting design, sound design, set design, costume design, make – up design etc). This task requires some out of hours’ rehearsal commitment. 30%
  • Interpretative study: investigate and respond to a dramatic innovator such as Tim Burton or Baz Luhmann etc 20%