English Literary Studies

Full Year

Stage 2 English Literary Studies focuses on the skills and strategies of critical thinking needed to interpret texts. Through shared and individual study of texts, students encounter different opinions about texts, have opportunities to exchange and develop ideas, find evidence to support a personal view, learn to construct logical and convincing arguments, and consider a range of critical interpretations of texts.
English Literary Studies focuses on ways in which literary texts represent culture and identity, and on the dynamic relationship between authors, texts, audiences and contexts. Students develop an understanding of the power of language to represent ideas, events, and people in particular ways and of how texts challenge or support cultural perceptions.
By focusing on the creativity and craft of the authors, students develop strategies to enhance their own skills in creating texts and put into practice the techniques they have observed.
Note: Only one of the English offerings may be attempted as a standard Stage 2 load.

School Based Assessment
• Assessment type 1: Responding to texts 50%
• Assessment type 2: Creating texts 20%

External Assessment
• Assessment type 3: Text study 30%

The external assessment is divided into 2 sections, part A and part B.
• Part A: Comparative text study – Individual study submitted electronically 15%
• Part B: Critical reading – 90 minute exam 15%