Modern History

Full Year

In the study of Modern History at Stage 2, students investigate the growth of modern nations at a time of rapid global change. They engage in a study of one nation, and of interactions between or among nations. They explore relationships among nations and groups, examine some significant and distinctive features of the world since 1945, and consider their impact on the contemporary world.

Students study one topic from ‘Modern nations’ and one topic from ‘The world since 1945’, selected from the following list of topics:

Modern nations

Topic 1: Australia (1901–56)

Topic 2: United States of America (1914–45)

Topic 3: Germany (1918–48)

Topic 4: The Soviet Union and Russia (1945–c.2004)

Topic 5: Indonesia (1942–2005)

Topic 6: China (1949–c.2012)

The world since 1945

Topic 7: The changing world order (1945– )

Topic 8: Australia’s relationship with Asia and the South Pacific Region (1945– )

Topic 9: National self-determination in South-East Asia (1945– )

Topic 10: The struggle for peace in the Middle East (1945– )

Topic 11: Challenges to peace and security (1945– )

Topic 12: The United Nations and establishment of a global perspective (1945–)

Whilst it is not necessary to complete Modern History or Ancient Studies in Stage 1 to do this subject in Stage 2 it is advantageous. Note: that most of the humanities subjects in Stage 1 will give you a reasonable skill foundation to do this subject.


The following assessment types enable students to demonstrate their learning in Stage 2 Modern History:

School assessment (70%)

  • Assessment Type 1: Historical Skills (50% – 5 tasks)
  • Assessment Type 2: Historical Study (20% – 1 task)

External assessment (30%)

  • Assessment Type 3: Examination (30%)