Full Year

The study of Outdoor Education provides students with opportunities to experience personal growth and to develop social skills, self-confidence, initiative, self-reliance, leadership, and collaborative skills. The development of their relationship with natural environments impacts positively on students’ health and wellbeing and fosters a lifelong connection with nature and a commitment to responsible activity in natural environments. In this subject, students will be supported to develop skills in planning and implementing outdoor journeys, demonstrate initiative, self-reliance, leadership, and a sense of responsibility towards others, investigate, critically analyse, and reflect on strategies that achieve sustainable use of natural environments (Aboriginal perspectives) and reflect on the personal, social and environmental outcomes of participation in an outdoor journey.

Students study Outdoor Education topics through three interrelated Focus Areas:

  • Focus Area 1 – Environment and conservation
  • Focus Area 2 – Planning and management
  • Focus Area 3 – Personal and social growth and development

Students are assessed using the SACE Performance Standards. Students demonstrate evidence of their learning through the following assessment types:

  • Assessment Type 1: About Natural Environments
  • Assessment Type 2: Experiences in Natural Environments
  • Assessment Type 3: Connections with Natural Environments

Please note, an additional fee of $300.00 (GST free) per student is required for participation in this course, which includes all students’ camp fees and excursions.

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