Drama - Performing Arts


By the end of Year 10, students will have developed a comprehensive understanding of the Stanislavski method of acting and / or a thorough understanding of Australian Drama. Students will undertake a variety of workshop activities and devised small group activities to develop a practical understanding of these specialised focus areas. Students will develop and sustain different roles and characters employing their knowledge of the Stanislavski method. Students will participate in a group production for a public audience and gain a practical understanding of the ‘page to stage’ process. They will have the opportunity to undertake both on stage and off stage roles. Through the production process students will realise the director’s intention in acting, design and development of all production elements. Students will attend and review live theatre and analyse the various stagecraft and performance elements of a theatrical production. Students will deconstruct a scripted text and select scenes for performance. They will collaborate with others to plan, direct, rehearse, refine and evaluate performances.


Workshops, performance, group production, production report, written reviews, reflective journals and written assignments using IBMYP criteria aligned with the Australian curriculum.