Sports Program

Le Fevre High School offers a wide variety of extra-curricular sports for throughout the academic year. In line with DfE policy, Le Fevre High School regards sport as a natural extension of the Physical Education Curriculum and regularly competes in various sporting competitions conducted by Secondary School Sport Association South Australia.

As a part of the Sports Program, Le Fevre High School participates in the Western Zone Competition with matches scheduled each week from 2:30 – 4:30pm, as well as the statewide Knockout Competitions which cover all sports for students who show genuine interest in improving. Announcements about the formation of teams and training times are made available through Daymap in the Daily Student Bulletin. Le Fevre High School has had much success in its sports programs, regularly competing in and winning Statewide competitions in AFL, Rugby League, Netball and Cricket.

Sports offered to Le Fevre High School Students:

  • Basketball
  • AFL
  • Volleyball
  • Indoor Cricket
  • European Handball
  • Lawn Bowls
  • Rugby League
  • Netball
  • Cricket
  • Athletics
  • Football (Soccer)
  • Tennis
  • Futsal
  • Table Tennis
  • T20 Cricket

For more details, please contact Le Fevre High School on 8449 7004 to speak with the Sports Coordinator, Tony Burns or Healthy Lifestyles Leader, Heather Westwood.

Le Fevre High School Sport

Soccer Academy

Le Fevre High School Soccer Academy allows students to develop their physical abilities and understandings of the game of football and provides students the opportunity to achieve their sporting goals and educational pathways.

 The year 8 to 10 program consists of the development of both boys and girls as a football player in terms of their theoretical knowledge, physical abilities, skills, fitness and game awareness of the game of football. The program is designed to cover the Australian Curriculum Physical Education content and delivered using the IBMYP Framework and equips the students as a football player with the with the knowledge and fundamental techniques of the game of football. The program also aims to develop players to have an understanding of nutrition, fitness, training principles and methods and injury prevention and their importance they have on the lives of professional athletes.

For more details, please contact Tony Burns on 8449 7004.