Student Wellbeing


At Le Fevre High School we understand the importance of wellbeing and how wellbeing positively influence the learning outcomes for our students.

The wellbeing of a young person encompasses more than just physical health; it is a combination of emotional, social and mental health. By connecting with students, parents and caregivers this will enable our young people to grow into happy, respectful and successful members of the community.

Le Fevre High School is also a Resilience Project School, we deliver The Resilience Project as part of our Pastoral Care Program in Care Group lessons. The Resilience Project delivers emotionally engaging programs, providing practical, evidence-based mental health strategies to build resilience and happiness.

Meet the Team

Sarah Craddock
Assistant Principal Wellbeing and Inclusion

Sarah oversees the entire Wellbeing and Intervention team. Sarah works closely with all members of the team to ensure that all students feel safe and supported at school. Policies and procedures about wellbeing, engagement and intervention are developed by Sarah and with consultation from the team, are implemented schoolwide.

Amy Newbound
Wellbeing and Flexible Learning Options Leader

Amy manages the daily wellbeing needs of students including the use of the Wellbeing Hub. Support programs such as the Chill Out Program and Hoops for Life are overseen by Amy. Students can book in to see Amy if they need wellbeing support or would like to discuss how they are going. Amy also works with student who are enrolled through the Flexible Learning Options program. This includes meeting with their case managers and agencies.

Ryan Langcake and Claudia Lamberto
Youth Workers

Ryan and Claudia are our two youth workers who support students daily with wellbeing intervention. They facilitate programs including group and individual sessions in emotional management, as well as running the Chill Out Program and The Wellbeing Hub. Students can book a time to meet with Ryan or Claudia at Student Services or online.

Shannon Isaacs
Mental Health Practitioner

Shannon is a Mental Health Practitioners who is based at Le Fevre High School fortnightly. Shannon’s role is to provide an early intervention service for students. These services may include intervention during immediate distress, coordination of referrals to external services, providing advice and checking in with students with more serious mental health concerns who are returning to school and supporting students who are returning to school after mental health treatments.

Vicki Woods
Pastoral Care Worker

A Pastoral Care Worker (PCW) is a trained, experienced, and passionate person who joins a school community on behalf of the local churches to provide extra support to young people. Vicki supports other Wellbeing Team staff with creating a safe learning environment. Vicki also links families to community resources and services.

Student voice

At Le Fevre High School student voice is an integral part of consulting students about various issues and policies. The Student Voice Committee meets to discuss solutions, policy changes and fundraising activities. Student can nominate to be on the Student Voice Committee and will need to have demonstrated the school values to be accepted.

We also have student representatives that sit on the Le Fevre High School Governing Council, this is an integral component of our Student Voice Program. This opportunity provides students to be consulted on policy changes and key events.

Support Programs

  • Hoops for Life
  • Ice Factor
  • Chill Out Lunch Program
  • Fork in the Road for LGBTQI+ students and allies
  • Student Voice
  • Access the Wellbeing Hub for emotional regulation support
  • Counselling Services
  • Referral services
  • Negotiated alternative programs

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