Ancient Studies


Students learn about the history, literature, society and culture of ancient civilisations, which may include Asia-Australia, the Americas, Europe and Western Asia, and the classical civilisations of Greece and Rome.

Students will consider the environmental, social, economic, religious, cultural, and aesthetic aspects of societies. They will also then look at their impact on history, the present day and the lessons that can be learnt from these ancient cultures.

This subject has one compulsory topic and five additional topics to choose from.

Compulsory topic

  • Topic 1: Understanding ancient history.
    • In this topic students will learn about the practicalities of being an ancient historian and the processes and practices of examining the ancient past.

Additional topics

  • Topic 2: Art, architecture, and technology
  • Topic 3: Warfare and conquest
  • Topic 4: Social structures, slavery, and everyday life
  • Topic 5: Beliefs, rituals, and mythology
  • Topic 6: Creative representations.

Students who complete Ancient Studies in Stage 1 will develop skills that can lead them to study any of the Humanities subjects in Stage 2 such as: Modern History, Aboriginal Studies, Legal Studies, Society & Culture and Women’s Studies.  


  • Assessment Type 1: Skills and Applications (3 tasks)
  • Assessment Type 2: Inquiry (1 task)