Digital Technology

Full Year, Semester

Students investigate existing Information Technology Systems to discover their operations, purpose & components. Students create practical, innovative solutions to problems of interest. By extracting, interpreting, and modelling real-world data sets, students identify trends to examine sustainable solutions to problems in, for example, business, industry, the environment and the community. They investigate how potential solutions are influenced by current and projected social, economic, environmental, scientific, and ethical considerations, including relevance, originality, appropriateness, and sustainability.

The learning requirements summarise the knowledge, skills, and understanding that students are expected to develop and demonstrate through their learning in Stage 1 Digital Technologies.

In this subject, students are expected to:

1. apply computational thinking skills to explore problems and possible solutions

2. develop and apply programming skills in creating digital solutions

3. analyse patterns and relationships in data sets and/or algorithms, and draw conclusions

4. develop and apply programdesign skills to create and evaluate digital solutions

5. research and discuss ethical considerations in digital technologies

6. work individually and collaboratively.


Assessment Type 1: Project Skills

Assessment Type 2: Digital Solution