Women's Studies


Stage 1 Women’s Studies offers a way of identifying and describing aspects of women’s lives, and critically assessing the institutions and ideas of societies and cultures from a gender perspective. The basic Women’s Studies concepts are gender and identity. These two concepts enable students to understand and analyse femininity and masculinity and the relationship between women’s identity and men’s identity. 

Gender identity is discussed as a broad and dynamic theme with both personal and political implications and can be understood as:

  • a personal and a group experience
  • constructed in social institutions
  • existing in a diversity of contexts
  • a citizenship issue.

This subject challenges the social and cultural constructions of femininity and masculinity that extend beyond biological capacity, and then move beyond these stereotypes to develop strategies for recognising women and women’s experiences as significant and as distinct from men’s experiences. You will also explore women’s historical and, in some contexts, continuing exclusion from the entitlements of citizenship, and the strategies, campaigns, and programs developed to promote inclusion.


  • at least one text analysis assessment
  • at least one group presentation
  • one issues analysis assessment.

Students who complete Women’s Studies in Stage 1 will develop skills that can lead them to study any of the Humanities subjects in Stage 2 such as: Women’s Studies, Modern History, Legal Studies, Aboriginal Studies and Society & Culture.