Legal Studies


Legal Studies explores Australia’s legal heritage and the dynamic nature of the Australian legal system within a global context. Students are provided with an understanding of the structures of the Australian legal system and how that system responds and contributes to social change while acknowledging tradition.

The study of Legal Studies provides insight into law-making and the processes of dispute resolution and the administration of justice. Students investigate legal perspectives on contemporary issues in society. They reflect on, and make informed judgments about, strengths and weaknesses of the Australian legal system. Students consider how, and to what degree, these weaknesses may be remedied.


  • Topic 1: Law and Society

Plus a minimum of two other topics from below:

  • Topic 1:    People, Structures and Processes
  • Topic 2:    Law-making
  • Topic 3:    Justice and Society
  • Topic 4:    Young People and the Law
  • Topic 5:    Victims and the Law
  • Topic 6:    Motorists and the Law
  • Topic 7:    Young Workers and the Law
  • Topic 8:    Relationships and the Law

Alternative topics can also be developed


Assessment at Stage 1 is school-based. Students demonstrate evidence of their learning through the following assessment types:

  • Folio
  • Issues Study
  • Presentation

Students who complete Legal Studies in Stage 1 will develop skills that can lead them to study any of the Humanities subjects in Stage 2 such as: Legal Studies, Modern History, Aboriginal Studies, Society & Culture and Women’s Studies.