Outdoor Education


Year 11 Outdoor Education

This subject is offered in addition to the Physical Education (elective semester option), Outdoor Education gives students the opportunity to extend their learning outside of the classroom by engaging in a range of learning experiences that challenge them.


The Stage 1 Outdoor Education program is designed to provide you with both individual and group responsibility and resilience in the outdoor setting.  The aims of the course are to develop group dynamics, teamwork, communication, leadership skills and to develop necessary knowledge and understanding around planning adventurous journeys.

The course is offered in two semesters, but students can elect to do full year course or select the semester that best suits their interest.

Semester 1 – Bushwalking focus with an aquatics excursion

Semester 2 – Aquatics Focus with Bushwalking excursion

It is recommended that students have already completed the Year 10 Outdoor Education course before doing Year 11 but is not mandatory to go into this course.


  • Focus Area 1 – Environment and conservation
  • Focus Area 2 – Planning and management
  • Focus Area 3 – Personal and social growth and development

Students are assessed using the SACE assessment criteria on the following:

  • Assessment Task 1 – About Natural Environments – 1600 words. Students explore human interactions with natural environments and the balance between human use, potential risks, and conservation and sustainability of the environment.
  • Assessment Task 2 – Experiences in Natural Environments – 1600 words. Students will understand the requirement of experiences in natural environments. Students plan and undertake outdoor activities as a group and develop team work and practical outdoor skills

Special Requirements

Please be mindful, while Le Fevre High School supports the Outdoor Education Program and allocates funding towards its administration, an additional fee of $200.00 is associated with student’s participation, which includes students fully accredited first aid course and camp fees.