Visual Arts - Art

Semester, Full Year

This course focuses on developing the student’s skills in a range of methods and materials. Students will have the opportunity to discuss and analyse works of Australian and International practitioners both past and present and use this as a foundation for their own major work. There is an emphasis on visual thinking and how students communicate their ideas, thought processes and responses throughout their learning.

This subject includes 3 areas of study:

  • Visual Thinking, developing the ability to view, understand, analyse and record ideas and thoughts.
  • Practical Resolution, students resolve, create, make and present finished art works.
  • Visual Art in Context, students learn to understand the historical, cultural and social circumstances which produce art in a community.


Assessment at stage 1 is school-based. Students demonstrate evidence of their learning through the following assessment types:

  • Assessment type 1: Folio
  • Assessment type 2: Practical
  • Assessment type 3: Visual Study