Full Year

RECOMMENDED BACKGROUND: C grade or higher in Stage 1 Biology

Students complete one Science as a Human Endeavour (SHE) Investigation report. Students research a contemporary example of how science interacts with society. Students select and explore a recent discovery, innovation, issue, or advance linked to one of the topics in Stage 2 Biology, analyse and synthesise information from different sources to explain the science relevant to the focus of their investigation, show its connections to science as a human endeavour, and develop a conclusion relevant to their research.

Students undertake two practical investigations, one investigation with a focus on Science as a Human Endeavour (SHE). The focus of the SHE practical investigation is determined by individual students with guidance from the classroom teacher.

Students undertake skills and applications tasks (SATs) for each topic in the form of topic tests, completed under supervision.

Students undertake an external examination to assess inquiry skills and science understanding from all Stage 2 Biology topics studied. The examination requires students to demonstrate understanding of science as a human endeavour and apply science understanding from all four topics.

Students need to be aware that some knowledge of chemistry is assumed.

There are 4 themes covered in this full year course. They are:

  • DNA and Proteins
  • Cells as the Basis of Life
  • Homeostasis
  • Evolution


Assessment in Stage 2 Biology consists of the following components, weighted as shown:

  • Examination (30%): 130 minutes, assessed externally – online examination
  • Investigations Folio (30%): Consists of a Science as a Human Endeavour investigation report and two practical investigations
  • Skills and Applications Tasks (40%): Consists of 4 topic tests, one for each topic studied


This subject can be used for University and TAFE entrance. Careers linked with this course include medical research, veterinary science, food and marine sciences, agriculture, biotechnology, environmental rehabilitation, biosecurity, quarantine, conservation, and ecotourism.