Physical Education

Full Year

Through Physical Education, students explore the participation in and performance of human physical activities. It is an experiential subject in which students explore their physical capacities and investigate the factors that influence and improve participation and performance outcomes, which lead to greater movement confidence and competence. An integrated approach to learning in Physical Education supports an Arnoldian1 educational framework that promotes deep learning ‘in, through and about’ physical activity. Physical activities can include sports, theme-based games, fitness and recreational activities. Classes can undertake a learning and assessment program using a single focus approach (e.g. single sport) or can undertake multiple sports, games and/or activities. Topics that are undertaken include:

Focus Area 1: In movement

  • Application of Energy Sources affecting physical performance
  • Application of the effects of training on physical performance
  • How does biomechanics affect physical activity and movement?
  • Practical application of learning theories
  • Psychology of sporting performance
  • Movement concepts and performance

Focus Area 2: Through movement

  • Social psychology
  • Psychology of sporting performance
  • Barriers and enablers to physical activity
  • Social strategies to manipulate equity in participation
  • Personal influences.

Focus Area 3: About movement

  • Energy Sources affecting human performance
  • Physiological factors affecting performance
  • The effects of training on physical performance
  • Technological developments in biomechanics
  • The learning process
  • The learning journey

Students are assessed using the SACE assessment criteria based on the learning requirements and performance standards describing their level of achievement. Students are assessed on the following:

Assessment Type 1: Diagnostics (30%)

Assessment Type 2: Self-Improvement Portfolio (40%)

Assessment Type 3: Group Dynamics Task (30%) external For more information, please click link below: