Society and Culture

Full Year

The social inquiry approach to learning forms the core of the study of Society and Culture. Students develop skills in various approaches to, and methods of, investigating and analysing contemporary social issues. Students are encouraged to ask their own questions, explore possible sources of information, to develop solutions and carry out appropriate social action. It is possible for students to negotiate particular topics of study that are relevant to their own positions and practices.

Topics cover three broad groups:
• Culture e.g. Cultural Diversity
• Contemporary Challenges e.g. Social Ethics
• Global Issues e.g. a question of rights.

Whilst it is not necessary to complete Society & Culture in Stage 1 to do this subject in Stage 2 it is advantageous. Note: that most of the humanities subjects in Stage 1 will give you a reasonable skill foundation to do this subject.


School-based assessment

  • Folio 50%
  • Interaction 20%

External Assessment

  • Investigation 30%