Home Economics - Multicultural Food

Semester, Full Year

This course focus on developing students’ understanding of the way cultural influences have affected food availability and choices in Australia. It also aims to further improve food preparation skills, recipe adaptation, time management, meal planning and creative presentation of food. Students prepare food and use equipment competently to successfully produce the following:

  • A variety of Indigenous Native food
  • Australian, British, European, Southeast Asian and North African dishes
  • A main course from a country of their choice
  • A variety of breads from around the country
  • Creative Baking


Assessment in each area is based on the Design Cycle using IB Criteria

A: Inquiring and analysing

B: Developing Ideas

C: Creating the solution

D: Evaluating

A major research project on the production, availability and preparation techniques of food of a country of choice. Students self-assess their organisation and management skills as well as the completed food product, they suggest possible changes for improvements of the practical task completed. Students are required to participate in a teacher directed free choice practical and catering exercises as well as in the selection, production, packaging and marketing of baked products.

Assessment Types include:

Assessment tasks, investigations, practical work and evaluations