Music - Performing Arts


In Year 10, students study:

Practical: Students will have the opportunity to interpret, rehearse and perform solo or as an ensemble both to the class and publicly at school assemblies demonstrating technical and expressive practical skills in a range of styles.

Theory and History: Students will identify, analyse and notate music in a variety of different styles with an understanding of the context of society at that time.

Composition: Students will apply their theoretical knowledge to compose their own original pieces writing both melody and harmony. Opportunity will also be given for students to use technology to manipulate sound and make loops and beats.

Process Journal: Students reflect on the development of their musical skills and knowledge in written form.

Advice to students: It is highly advisable that students have their own instrument so they can practice at home. Instrumental lessons are provided to all music students for a variety of instruments free of charge. These lessons will take place within school hours and are required to support students with the practical component of the course. If a student is already receiving lessons privately, school based instrumental lessons are not necessary.


Performances, tests and written assignments using IBMYP criteria aligned with the Australian curriculum