Soccer Program


The Soccer Program empowers students with a passion for soccer to enrich their understanding and proficiency across all aspects of the sport, including playing techniques, rules, strategic tactics, fitness, and training principles. Participants in the program have the chance to enhance their fitness levels, and participate in statewide Soccer and Futsal competitions.

The Soccer Program is crafted to offer a distinctive opportunity for talented Soccer players in Years 7-11 to refine their individual skills, knowledge, and attitude, enabling them to excel in the game. The program not only facilitates skill development but also provides opportunities for enhancing leadership skills and fostering civic responsibilities.

Students also get the chance to represent the school in their respective teams, competing in events like the Soccer and Futsal knockout and zone carnivals.

  • Skill and Performance development (practical)
  • Position specific performance training
  • Performance Analysis
  • Specialist sport practical
  • Fitness Soccer specific
  • Nutrition for Soccer
  • Injury Prevention and Management

Assessment activities will conform to the standards outlined in the Health and Physical Education Achievement Standards of the Australian Curriculum Framework. During the mandatory semester, students will engage in the examination of health-related subjects as specified in the HPE curriculum.

This year-long course will incur additional cost for students, including the purchase of a specialised soccer top (new students only), transportation costs to multiple games, and fees associated with the Football Federation course. The total fee for these components is $120 for the entire year, and payment options are available through an instalment-based payment plan.