Design: Food & Textiles


Home Economics is a compulsory curriculum across one term and this course provides a framework for all young Australians to understand and value the importance of a variety of foods and fibers, sound nutrition principles related to Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and safe practices including maintaining personal hygiene and clean workspaces. Students will develop knowledge and skills to plan, prepare, produce and serve healthy foods as well as textile items, using a range of preparation tools, equipment and techniques to effectively and safely make designed solutions for sustainability.

The main two areas of study are:

Food: Students are introduced to issues related to safety and hygiene in the food area. Fundamental food preparation techniques are used during practical lessons to design, plan and produce quality healthy plant-based snack.

Textiles: Students will have the opportunity to use appropriate techniques and sewing machine equipment to create a textile item. They will learn compare and evaluate similar textile products, draw patterns, concepts and design as well as an appreciation of textiles and its uses.


Assessment in each area is based on the ACARA Achievement Standards

· Knowledge and Understanding

· Processes and Production Skills

Assessment Types include:

Assessment tasks, practical work and analysis of work completed.