Full Year

In Year 7 English, students will read, view and analyse a range of texts eg Poetry, Prose, Drama, Visual, Short Pieces, Multimedia and Electronic texts

Listen to, evaluate and produce a range of spoken texts, eg Anecdotes, Debates, Multimedia Presentations, Poetry Performances, Formal Speeches and Social Issue Reports

Compose a range of texts – written and multimedia for particular audiences, purposes and contexts.

The nature of the texts students study and produce will begin as a transition from primary style texts and gradually increase in complexity to prepare students for year 8 texts. There will always be an emphasis on exploring issues relevant to adolescents and an approach that allows students to engage with aspects of our society including its diverse cultural aspects. At each year level, students will develop skills in understanding the language of different texts and acquire strategies to help them compose their own texts.

Study will also include a reading program aimed at increasing student literacy and reading proficiency. This will be supported by programs such as Tactical Teaching Reading and Literacy Pro.


Students will be assessed according to the International Baccalaureate Assessment Criteria and will:

  • Listen to spoken texts, examine spoken texts and produce spoken texts
  • Read and view texts
  • Compose written and multimedia texts
  • Engage in associated language activities